11 01 2008

im quitting but u might see me on chat lol cya


Racp my new army

15 10 2007

My new army is RACP (Rocket Army of club penguin) anyway im still uma too. www.racp.wordpress.com its racp website


8 10 2007

Hello people i made a new army RACP it stands for Rocket army of clubpenguin. If you wanna join go to racp.wordpress.com. This website is CLOSED im not posting anymore and doing other things well Bye!

Im a fake

6 10 2007

Im very sorry people. BUT IM A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so stupid i know and i feel very sorry for people that believed me that im real SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 10 2007

Hello penguins i wanted to tell you that EWF are our allies and that i joined EWF too.Well see ya


5 10 2007

In this vid im showing you that i can log on uma pm


5 10 2007

Evrything is alright now you can go to wars again and do what y’all want! Have fun!!!